The Problems We Solve

Over the years, businesses across the country have been disappointed with their investments in traditional websites.  Counties, Communities, Businesses and Organizations all over the country have invested in websites, but instead of seeing a return on their investments (ROI), they see their investment lost when their old websites are scrapped and replaced with new websites.  The website development industry has failed to deliver the needed information solutions for the business community.

Disappointments with Traditional Websites

  • Takes Weeks or Months to Deliver
    • Because individual web pages are created manually
  • Have Limited Information and Provide Limited Value
    • Because website costs are proportional to the number of pages created
  • Contain Information that is not Up-To-Date
    • Because hourly or monthly maintenance fees are charged for making changes
  • Have Designs that are Outdated
    • Because new websites are created from scratch to replace old websites
  • Have High Costs for Advanced Capabilities
    • Because programming and database capabilities are expensive to build

These problems have been tackled head-on and Community Integrator™ is the next generation website product that solves these problems.