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The County ECO Edition provides solutions to economic development groups who are working to attract new businesses and industries into their county.  County Economic Development Commissions supports the growth of existing business and industry and the creation of new businesses.  Local and state incentives along with support from the County Board of Supervisors make County Economic Development Commissions a player in economic development.

Click here to see how the County ECO Edition is being used by Iowa County.

The Community Edition provides solutions to local goverments, Chamber of Commerce and Area Development groups.  The key to a communities ability to survive is based on their ability to attract new businesses into their area and their ability to retain the businesses they currently have. 

Over the years many communities have become even smaller, losing both businesses and families.  The Community Integrator™ product was created to help these communities take steps to turn this around by providing their local businesses with something extra to help them compete against outside businesses in neighboring communities. 

The Community Edition provides the special capability to allow local businesses to be part of the community website and extend to them the ability for each business owner to have their own web page. The business owner can upload a photo of their business, create a business description and provide contact information that will appear online.  Business owners are provided with a login and password where they can create and maintain their information through a secured login.

In addition, each business owner may also create special promotions that are displayed online on the website.  These promotions provide printable coupons for shoppers to print online and there are no limits on how many promotions a business can create.  If the business owner needs to hire a new employee, they can use the Employment Module to enter their job positions, descriptions, requirements and more.  Like promotions, the job openings are displayed online and may be viewed and printed by web visitors.

Click here to see how the Community Edition is being used by Marengo, Iowa.

Click here to see how the Community Edition is being used by Sigourney, Iowa.

The Organization Edition provides solutions to Non-Profit organizations and businesses who are working to make a difference in their community.

Click here to see how the Organization Edition is being used by the First Baptist Church of Pella.