How We Work Together

Implementing one of the Community Integrator™ product editions for your new website can be done in less than a week.  Once we receive your initial set up fee and contract, the following process is followed:

STEP 1: Business, Branding and Goals Questionnaire
Do you have a logo, and is it in a digital format?  Do you have an existing web site or branding materials? What are you trying to accomplish with your online presence?  Who are some of your competitors?  These are a few of the questions asked during our initial questionnaire.

STEP 2: Homepage Design Concept
The overall visual look and feel process behind your site will begin.

STEP 3: Community Integrator™ Installation
After we know your domain name, we will install the Community Integrator product for that domain on our web server.  You will then be sent a temporary link to your new site administration, along with a login and password.  You can now begin entering information that will be displayed on your web site when it is officially launched.

  • If you have an existing site, it will remain active until your new site is ready. This will give you time to transfer your existing content to your new site.  We also offer a transfer service for customers who may want us to transfer information from an existing site.  This is completed at an hourly rate of $50/hour and will be billed separately.
  • If you do not have an existing site, we will work with you to register a domain name for your new site.   We also offer a content service where we collect information about your business and create content for you.  This is completed at an hourly rate of $50/hour and will be billed separately.

STEP 4: Creative Homepage Concept Presented to Client
Within one week, you will receive our custom homepage design draft for your review.  One round of revisions are included in the initial set up and design fee for this product.  Additional rounds will be billed at an hourly rate of $50/hr. 

STEP 5: New Design Becomes The New Face of Your Site
Once your design is finalized, it will be activated on your new site.  Once your content is finalized, your site will be ready to launch!

STEP 6: Site Launch
The steps to launch your new site depend on if you have an existing site or not. 

  • If you have an existing site and want to continue to use your domain (, we will work with your current domain registrar or hosting company to coordinate the changes necessary to make your new site live once you give us access to your domain registar. 
  • If you do not have an existing site and we have registered the domain name for you, we can complete the changes necessary to make your new site live.

With this process, you could have a unique website that truly reflects your business in two weeks or less.  In addition, you'll have the ability to create, modify or remove all content on your site in the future.  Your site administration can be done from any internet enabled computer with a web browser.