Compare Website Cost

Community Integrator™ product editions are based on a new pricing model that makes websites with advanced capabilities available at a price you can afford.  See the table below for a cost comparison.

Website Choices Type of Site Delivery Maintenance  Design Hosting Avg Cost
(2 yrs)
Web Design Firm
(traditional websites)
(25-50 pages)
6-12 wks $75/hour Custom $30/mo $17,620
Web Design Firm
(using CMS toolkit)
Dynamic (Unlimited) 12-36 wks Not needed Template $30/mo $30,800
Web Builder Kits
(basic websites)
Dynamic (5-10 pages) Less than 1 week Not needed Template Included $1,500
Community Integrator™
(advanced websites)
Dynamic (Unlimited) Less than 1 week Not needed Custom Included $1,940

As you can see, with Community Integrator™ you get the:

Custom design of a traditional website
Unlimited page capabilities like CMS toolkits
No maintenance cost and the lower price of basic Web Builders. 

The bottom line is that you get the best of all worlds at an affordable monthly rate!