Open Source Toolkits

Today, many professional web firms use Open Source toolkits, such as Drupal and Joomla, to create template-based websites that give a customer the flexibility to manage their own content. These toolkits also save the professional web firm in custom development time as they consist of primarily plug and play modules. So instead of paying a developer to create Content Management capability from scratch, you pay a web firm to use a third party toolkit to develop your site.

What you may not know about these toolkits is that web firms have little ability, and sometimes are unable, to make programming changes to Open Source toolkit code because of the GNU (General Publish License) agreement. Therefore, your site may make use of an Open Source toolkit that contains bugs and errors. If and when an Open Source toolkit bug is fixed, the web firm would need to then update the toolkit software on your website. It can take months before bugs are corrected, and you will also be charged a fee by the web firm to fix the problem.

Community Integrator™ products are not built using 3rd party open source toolkits. With the exception of the HTML editor, the capabilities in all Community Integrator™ products have been developed from scratch, tested, documented and implemented to ensure the highest degree of quality and reliability.

Below is a sample cost comparison chart with Community Integrator™ versus a custom website built with open source toolkits by a professional firm:

Open Toolkit Site from Professional Web Firm
Community Integrator™
Business Edition
Type of Web Site
Dynamic (unlimited pages)
Dynamic (unlimited pages)
Web Site Delivery
6-36 weeks
Less than 2 weeks
Custom Design
Not Needed
Not Needed
eCommerce & Shopping Cart
Event Registration
Additional Cost
News & Event CMS
Additional Cost
Search Engine Friendly
Additional Cost
Online Training
Not available
Web Hosting
Payment Method
50% Up front, 50% Upon Completion
$60/month (24 month commitment)
Estimated ~ $30,800+ (2 years)
$1,940 (2 years)

Web Firm:
Even though they are using a toolkit that already exists, traditional web firms still base their pricing on time and value. It may take less time to create your site, but with the added value that various modules from an Open Source toolkit offer your business, web firms can charge a higher amount resulting in greater net profit.

Community Integrator
We understand the value Community Integrator can offer your business. However, it was developed with the business community in mind. Our primary goal is to give businesses the ability to solve problems and obtain business online at an affordable cost. Your time and money is valuable; it should be spent on growing the business rather than an expensive web site.


Web Firm:
Open Source toolkits give your site an opportunity for rankings in search engines. However, web firms may still charge you $500-$5,000 per month to optimize each and every page of your site for search engine friendliness.

Community Integrator
Your ability to maintain your homepage meta tags (keywords, description and title tags) is built in. You can also insert your Google Analytics script to track site traffic, and every word you include in your site is indexable by search engines.

Web Firm:
Many web companies charge an additional yearly fee for the hosting of your website. Costs can range between $20-$50 per month.

Community Integrator
Community Integrator products are rented to you at an affordable monthly rate. Your site is hosted on our servers and the monthly site hosting is included.