First Baptist Church

Case Study: First Baptist Church - Pella, Iowa




The First Baptist Church of Pella, Iowa had a website that they felt was outdated and needed to be replaced. 

The original website was a static HTML site with approximately 25 total pages of content.  The sites also had a few links to other information and some graphic photos of church events.

The estimated cost for a web firm to develop a new site was approximately $5000.00 with about a 3-6 week delivery.  Monthly web hosting was an additional cost.

A decision was made to replace their existing website with the Community Integrator product.

The Organization Edition was installed on September 27, 2010.  After collecting design feedback, logos and images, a professional design was completed, approved and uploaded.  All content was in the system and the new website was launched on October 1, 2010.

The First Baptist Church of Pella now has a dynamic website with dozens of pages of information and links to additional information.  They have created (3) new photo gallerys of various projects they are involved with.

Web Hosting Cost:
Approximately $400.00/year.

Annual Rental Cost:
$720.00/year which includes web hosting