Sigourney, Iowa

Case Study: Sigourney, Iowa




The original website for the Sigourney Area Development Corporation is shown above.  The site contained 1 link to an excel spreadsheet file, a link to a pdf newletter file, (5) html pages and (18) links to other sites. The business directory was a listing of basic contact information for the local business members.

The site was maintained internally, however it required special software be installed on the PC performing maintenance changes.  The person who made information changes to the website indicated the process was not user friendly and was time consuming. There was also annual web hosting for the site which was an extra cost.

A decision was made to replace their existing website with the Community Integrator product.

The Community Edition was installed on May 1, 2010.  Administrative logins and passwords were sent to Administrative Assistant of the Sigourney Area Development Corporation.  Content from the existing site was entered into the new site by May 3rd.

After collecting design feedback, logos and images, a professional design was completed, approved.  The new website was completed on May 13, 2010. The DNS was updated by another company and the site launched on June 1, 2010.

Web Hosting Cost:
$400.00/year for the original site.

Annual Rental Cost:
$720.00/year which includes web hosting

The Sigourney Area Development Corporation now has a dynamic website which has well over 100 pages of information and dozens of links to additional information.  Each Chamber business member now has their own web page in which the business owners maintain through a secured login.  Information is now easily updated each week.

From the Customer:

"To work in the professional sector, experience matters a lot; and “Web Data Dynamics” (Randy Martin) has that experience. Beginners can easily use the web site with the ease of navigation that is made available. It is basically an error free website created with the help of the Administration Console. If you are working with a tight budget “Web Data Dynamics is the right choice for you. Randy is always seeking to upgrade the web site. I highly recommend this company; you won’t be sorry!"

Judy A. Frank
Administrative Assistant
Sigourney Area Development