Marengo, Iowa

Case Study: Marengo, Iowa


BEFORE - (2 websites)


AFTER - (1 website)



The community of Marengo, Iowa had (2) separate websites. One website was for the local government and the second website was for the Chamber of Commerce. 

The original websites were a static HTML sites with less than 20 total pages of content.  The sites had approximately 14 links to other information. The Chamber of Commerce site contained a listing with basic contact information of businesses who were members of the local Chamber.

The estimated cost for a web firm to develop a new site was approximately $6000.00 with about a 4-6 week delivery.  If a new conventional site had been developed, one site would have been replaced, however both maintenance and annual web hosting costs would have continued.


A decision was made between the City of Marengo and the Chamber of Commerce to replace their existing (2) websites with the Community Integrator product.

The Community Edition was installed on April 1, 2010.  After collecting design feedback, logos and images, a professional design was completed, approved and uploaded.  All content was in the system and the new website was launched on April 13, 2010.

The Marengo community now has a dynamic website which has over 50 pages of information and over 25 links to additional information.  Each Chamber business member now has their own web page in which the owners maintain through a secured login.  Information is now easily updated each week by the City Administrator and the Chamber of Commerce.

Web Hosting Cost:
$800.00/year for both City and Chamber sites.

Annual Rental Cost:
$840.00/year which includes web hosting
Maintenance Cost:
$30.00/hour for changes made by web developer
Maintenance Cost:

From the Customer:

"The City of Marengo has been very pleased with our new website. Our old website had an outdated look and was difficult to update.

Community Integrator has great functionality in an easy to learn and use format that has saved staff time and improved efficiency.

Randy continually works to make additional enhancements to the program that are provided free of charge to us. He is also available whenever we have questions, which rarely happens, since the program is so easy to use. Overall, the City is extremely happy with our investment and would highly recommend Community Integrator to anyone looking to create a new website."

Brent Nelson
City Administrator, Marengo, Iowa

"Community Integrator is great! Very user friendly. Easy to make updates to keep site fresh and current. So much better than our last site.

Randy has been great to work with - very responsive to any questions or assistance needed. Highly recommended!"

Tony Hocamp
President, Marengo Chamber of Commerce