Pricing Model

Community Integrator™ is suite of website products that was developed using state-of-the-art technologies.  Since each product delivers all website capabilities up front, there is no page creation or development time needed as with traditional websites.  The end result is an online solution that displays your advanced information needs within a uniquely designed framework at an affordable price.

Our pricing model is based on a low up-front design/installation cost with an affordable monthly rental fee:

  • The design cost accounts for the time our professional design staff spends on creating a unique look and feel that is branded for your business.
  • The installation fee accounts for the time necessary to install Community Integrator™ on our web servers.  
  • The low monthly rental fee enables you to use the website for several years before reaching what you could have paid for a site from a professional firm. 

Because of this pricing model, your business will become the ultimate beneficiary.

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