More Special Features

  Professional Custom Design
Every site design developed by the creative team behind Community Integrator™ starts from a blank white page. All our team needs is your logo and some inspiration as to who your business really is. You won't be asked to choose a template that 500 other businesses are using. With Community Integrator™, you can make an effective first impression with a truly unique design that distinguishes who you are and sets you apart from your competition.
Extremely User Friendly Administrative Interface
We have made the interface behind this system extremely simple so you don't have to know a single line of HTML code. If you have used Microsoft Word and filled out a form online with your name, email, address, etc., you will be able to use any Community Integrator™ product.

Accept Credit Card Payments
Do you wish to sell products or services online? Now you can with our very easy to maintain ecommerce module. You simply create a new product or service, specify the price, and that's it! There's no shopping cart or payment gateway to set up; it's all included for you. All you need is a PayPal account.
Web Site Can Be Live Within Two Weeks
Professional web design firms can sometimes take up to 6 months to launch your web site to the world. With the ease of this product and our proven process, your site can be up and running in 2 weeks or less with Community Integrator™.
Google Analytics Tracking
Do you want to use Google Analytics to view your site traffic, how people are using your site, and where they are coming from? We have integrated an area in the administrative panel where you can post the tracking code from your Google Analytics account. This code is then integrated into each one of your pages automatically.
Affordable Monthly Cost
Our costs are extremely low for a completely unique web site that you can maintain. The upfront fee is $500 for the design and set up. Once you are given access to the administrative panel for your site, you will be charged a minimal monthly rental fee (between $40-$100 depending on which Community Integrator™ product you choose). Compare this cost to a site created by a professional web development firm, and you're looking at a savings of at least $5,000!
Technical Support and Online Help
Once we install this system for you, we don't just send you a wave and say goodbye. We stand behind our product, and thank you for your business. Therefore, if you have any problems or questions about our product, you can email our technical support team. We'll help you however we can. In addition, we have included Help topics that explain every module in great detail.
Website Hosting Included
Included in your monthly or quarterly rental fee is your web site hosting cost. Hosting can cost anywhere from $160 - $400 per year, depending on which company you go with. With Community Integrator™, however, your hosting costs are included in your rental fee. 
Search Engine Friendly
We are sure you've heard about the importance of making your site "search engine friendly" with the importance placed on search engine rankings. Your entire site is "spiderable" - meaning any data that you include in your pages and the pre-built modules can be seen by the search engines. This is extremely important when search engines are placing greater importance on the actual content within your site, and the timeliness of it being updated. There are also meta and title tag features where you can add various keywords and phrases to also be searched.