Information Modules

One of a businesses most valuable assets is their information.  Community Integrator™ is a website product designed to handle the advanced information needs of the business communty.  It is not unusual for a site developed by a traditional web firm to handle advanced information and capabilities to cost $25,000 or more. 

Community Integrator™ provides this type of capability for much less - and it's ready to use on day one!  Our pre-built Information Modules make the difference.  To view which modules are included in each product version, click here.

Information Modules:

  The Custom Page allows you to create unlimited web pages with primary, secondary and tertiary navigation menus. With an HTML editor, you can create text, tables, links, upload images, add documents and more.
  The About module provides introductory information about your business or history, and can include a photo, description, and contact information; your address will automatically generate a Google map so a user can obtain directions.
  The Contact module displays your contact information and allows your site visitors to send you questions and comments on specific topics. Notification emails can be automatically sent upon submissions.
  The Event* module allows you to post events that are displayed in a monthly calendar. Included is the ability for site visitors to register and pay by check or credit card if payment is required.
  The News module allows you to post articles and other items on your site to keep people informed.  Articles are listed by category and may contain multiple links, and/or uploaded PDF documents, for additional information.
  The Product* module allows you to create products and/or services for online purchase by credit card. Each product can have up to three attributes such as size, color and type.
  The Member module allows for individual member logins and web page creation.  Members can maintain information about their business, create promotions, post employment openings and more.
  The Links module allows you to create links to important information resources. Links may contain descriptions, contact information, photo and an address that creates a Google map and directions.
  The Donation* module is used to raise charitable contributions online. You can create multiple funds to raise money for and collect contributions by credit card or check with mailing instructions.
  The Newsletter module is used to send information to your members or customers. You can group your members by category, create articles with photos and include attachments in your emails.
  The Gallery module is used to post photos with captions.  You can have multiple gallery categories to organize your photos and activate them at any time for display.
  The Blog module generates online discussions. Blogs are organized by category and capture site visitor information with their feedback and comments. Each Blog provides a list of contributor emails.
The Survey* module is used to collect feedback on important topics. You can create surveys that your site visitors may take online. Surveys include several question and response types.
  The Promotion module is used to create and publish online promotions with printable coupons.  Promotions may be created in several formats and can have start/expiration dates.
  The Employment module is used to create and publish job opportunities that include title, job description, responsibilities, qualifications, compensation and contact information.

The Social Media module is used to create automatic links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites. Using this module will help increase your business exposure.
  The Search Engine module is used to create and maintain the title, keyword and description meta tags included in your homepage.  In addition, every page of your site is easily indexed by search engines to help improve your site rankings. 

The Message Board module allows you to create and display an important message that will be displayed on the right side of each web page.
  The Home Page module allows you control the main content on your homepage.  This can be used to call special attention to the latest news, special promotions or new events.

* Module includes an integrated eCommerce capability for online purchases and registration payments.