Traditional Web Firms

If you have a website, you most likely know the names of many professional web design and development firms. Prior to template-based sites, such as WebSite Tonight, Homesite, Yahoo Site Builder and others, professional web firms were the only means to acquiring an onine presence for your business. Companies used to, and still do, pay hundreds of thousands for their corporate web sites. As a small business owner, though, your budget for marketing your business is not quite as large, however.

Community Integrator breaks the traditional mold in how websites are created and priced by giving small business owners and communities the ability and opportunity to have a similar site compared to larger companies in regards to design and capabilities - without the high costs.

Below is a sample cost comparison chart with Community Integrator™ versus a custom website developed by a professional firm:

Professional Web Firms
Community Integrator™
Business Edition
Type of Web Site
Static (25-50 pages)
Dynamic (unlimited pages)
Web Site Delivery
6-36 weeks
Less than 2 weeks
Custom Design
$75+ per hour; 2 hrs/month
Not Needed
eCommerce & Shopping Cart
Event Registration
News & Event CMS
Search Engine Friendly
Online Training
Not available
Web Hosting
Payment Method
50% Up front, 50% Upon Completion
$60/month (24 month commitment)
Estimated ~ $17,620+ (2 years)
$1,940 (2 years)

Web Firm:
Since traditional web firms base their pricing on time, costs are higher with the more capabilities and information you want in your site. This is why many business websites have limited information and outdated sites.

Community Integrator
Once CI has been installed, it is ready for your information. There is no limit on number of pages you can have, nor how often you change your content. The cost of your site is not related to time; as a result, the costs are significantly lower.

Web Firm:
A traditional web firm will charge $50-$150/hr to delete, add or change content on your website per your request. It can take days to turn around and can become an expensive monthly cost. As an alternative, a web firm may provide Content Management capabilities so you can maintain content, but this specialized programming can add thousands to the cost of your site.

Community Integrator
There is no hourly or monthly maintenance costs since you can make your own changes through your administrative login. The administrative console contains a powerful set of modules which use content management to manage the information. Instead of paying a web firm $15,000-$20,000 for content management capabilities, this is an included feature with Community Integrator.

Web Firm:
Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can cost you anywhere from $500-$5,000 per month to optimize each and every page of your site.

Community Integrator
Your ability to maintain your homepage meta tags (keywords, description and title tags) is built in. You can also insert your Google Analytics script to track site traffic, and every word you include in your site is indexable by search engines.

Web Firm:
Many web companies charge an additional yearly fee for the hosting of your website. Costs can range between $20-$50 per month.

Community Integrator
Community Integrator products are rented to you at an affordable monthly rate. Your site is hosted on our servers and the monthly site hosting is included.