Our Product Editions
5. Organization Edition for Non-Profits and Associations

Modules Included: 17
Design/Install: $800.00
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Monthly Cost: $60 or $80
(based on module configuration)

The Organization Edition is designed for non-profit organizations and associations that want to increase the capabilities of their website while reducing their cost. Since non-profit organizations have limited advertising budgets to promote their group, it is hard to justify paying thousands of dollars for a web site.  However, they still need to have a professional appearance for donors to take them seriously.

In addition, many people that volunteer for non-profits also have other jobs, making time a valuable commodity.  Spending an abundance of time to learn HTML, use a cumbersome web site builder application, or keep track of things that could be done automatically are things a chair member doesn’t necessarily want to do, but will do to save on costs to the organization.   

With the Community Integrator™ Organization Edition, you get the best of all worlds.  It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to implement, it isn’t difficult to use, and the entire application provides for automated processes. In a nutshell, the product simply provides several specific capabilities to support and resolve the challenges non-profit organizations and associations face.