Our Product Editions
4. Business Edition for Established Business Owners

Modules Included: 16
Design/Install: $800.00
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Monthly Cost: $60 or $80
(based on module configuration)

The Business Edition is designed for small business owners that want to increase the capabilities of their online website while reducing their cost.

Small business owners are responsible for the entire business, which involves much more than just providing products or services: employees, accounting, customer service, keeping inventory stocked, sales, marketing and more.  Staying on top of a professional web firm to make updates to your site, learning search engine optimization and marketing, or trying to fiddle with a cumbersome web site product that really doesn’t reflect who you are are things you simply don’t have time for.  

If these are problems you have experienced before, the Community Integrator™ Business Edition is the solution you need for your online presence.  Not only will you be able to make changes to your web content when you want to, but the site will show who you really are as a business.  In addition, there are multiple modules that are automated to help save you time and money, including eCommerce, blogs, surveys, search engine optimization, social media, event registrations and more.  There simply isn’t a better product on the market for small businesses who want to use their web site as a strong sales and marketing tool.