Our Product Editions
1. County ECO Edition for County Economic Development

Modules Included: 20
Design/Install: $800.00
View County ECO Edition Product Brochure

Monthly Cost: $100
(includes all information modules)

The County ECO Edition is designed for County Economic Development groups that want to highlight their strengths to attract new industries and businesses to their county. Where is the first place most businesses will look to learn more about your county?  The internet.  If your web site doesn’t have the information they are looking for or looks unprofessional, you may have just lost an opportunity. 

The Community Integrator™ County ECO Edition provides several specific capabilities that support the effort of improving the county through economic development. All of this is done within a uniquely designed framework to show users your personality as a county group.

In addition, spending an abundance of time to learn HTML, use a cumbersome web site builder application, or keep track of things that could be done automatically are things a member doesn’t necessarily want to do, but will do to save on costs to the organization.  With Community Integrator™ County ECO Edition, much of what you can do is done automatically.  You can make updates to your site as often as you wish, without having to worry about what it will cost you. 


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