Our Company

By combining the experience of building software products with the knowledge of online capabilities, The Community Integrator™ suite of website products was designed to handle the advanced information needs of the business community. All products in this suite are extremely easy to use, and the pricing model makes these products very affordable to the business community. It is this combination of advanced capability and affordable pricing that will transform website development from a services-oriented industry to a product-oriented one.

Turner Marketing Consulting, LLC purchased the Community Integrator product from Web Data Dynamics in January 2016. We are working to develop a new and improved Community Integrator website software. We are offering the upgraded product to current customers on a limited basis while we continue to design and improve the product. We will offer the software to new customers after we have made it available to our current customers. Watch for more information on this website.

The new software will include many features that our customers have always loved about Community Integrator, including: ease of use, professional look, and modules for managing and displaying news, jobs and events in dynamic ways. In addition the new software will be chock-full of modern functionality and features including: fully-mobile responsiveness, ability to showcase your community's strongest assets, latest news, and/or hottest events on the homepage and update it when you want and as often as you want with impactful images and pictures, and newer, more modern design. And - of course - we will maintain the "rental" or "subscription" model that makes the product affordable and removes the burden of maintenance and security that is inherent in other common website software.